A little about us...

We make high quality juice right here in Wichita

Based out of Wichita, Kansas. We represent a higher quality blend of e-cigarette juice. Recipes that leave your taste buds craving for more. Our goal is to extend our juice line across the nation, also to have fun in the process. We would like to do random give-aways of vape gear, Kind Clouds juice, video games, and gaming gear(Check us out on Twitch)

We also have interest in holding contests for prizes as well, whether that be a match against the kind clouds team or a contest through our social media. We're here to make vaping and gaming much more fun! We hope to have you join us.


Honey Don't

In this recipe we have a fruit filled explosion of pear, strawberry, and honeydew. This mixture will give you a feeling as if you just bit into a crisp pear; but once you bite down all the way, the honeydew really takes hold on bringing this flavor together.


Stifler's Mom

This blend contains a rich creamy mixture, some think custard is involved...well it is not! Through out this blend you will find it is backed with a very sweet and seducing strawberry. Your taste buds will find sugar cookie notes through out this mixture, leaving you with one of the most unique flavors this world has to offer!


We pride ourselves in the following:

We can make this say whatever you want


High Quality, Hand Crafted E-Liquid. Made by Us, like, right on the spot.

Paper Aeroplanes

Take Flight! Cuz, We make pretty sweet paper planes too...

Game on Lock

Wanna win prizes by playing against Kind Clouds?
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We look forward to hearing all of your terrible criticism, and requests for free shit